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  • Flat Saw – Concrete Slab : Cutting and dicing concrete floors, concrete walkways, concrete patios or concrete pool decks for easy removal and/or neat patching.

  • Concrete Hand Sawing: A hand held saw with a diamond blade gives greater flexibility and options to complete projects with restricted access.

  • Interior / Exterior Trenching: Cutting trenches in concrete floors for plumbing, electrical, sump pumps, French drains or other utilities.

  • Concrete Wall Sawing: Cutting and/or enlarging door, window and bulkhead openings in concrete foundations.

  • Concrete Core Drilling: Cutting 1″ to 24″ diameter round core holes in walls, ceilings and concrete slabs for electrical services, plumbing, cabling, air conditioning, vents or to pull a sample of concrete for testing in floors and foundations.

  • Asphalt Cutting – Flat Saw: We provide asphalt cutting services for industrial, commercial or residential projects.  Call us for asphalt road cutting, driveways, asphalt over concrete, parking lot cutting including fresh asphalt or cracked & broken asphalt.

  • Jack Hammer Service: Breaking concrete into manageable pieces for easy removal.

  • Demolition, Cutting and Removal: We cut and remove concrete, stone or masonry walls, floors, walkways, patios and stairs.

(844) 505-0660